TASER X2 Defender “Black”


Introducing the Taser X2 Defender Kit in Black with Laser, LED, 2 live Cartridges, right handed BlackHawk Holster, PPW ,Target, feature rich, simple to use and similar in size to the TASER X26C.

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The Taser X2 Defender is superior in quality and performance with twice the knock-down power. Designed by law enforcement the two-shot Taser X2 incorporates law enforcements most requested capabilities, The Taser X2 Defender is one of the best ways of keeping yourself and your loved ones out of harm’s way. Great protection in case of home invasion, robbery, or injury to one’s self. With it’s high performance dual Lasers help to take the guesswork out of aiming and have a performance power magazine that will last up to 500 firings with a 15 foot range. It has a weatherproof design to better resist rain and humidity and features self-diagnostics which tells you if the device is healthy or has a problem. The X2’s back up shot capability for multiple targets or miss recovery, which has been a leading edge in the X2 technology. Its warning arc while loaded prevents conflict from escalating.


  • Two Shots for Immediate Reuse
  • Reaches up to 15 Feet
  • Stun Gun Function for Close Range Backup
  • Training DVD
  • Manual

Manufacturer: TASER International

UPC: 796430220223

TASER International offers a Lifetime Replacement Guarantee of your X2 Defender in the U.S. You are required to provide an official police report documenting the incident, citing the use of the CEW in self defense and the loss of your product.

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