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The sale, possession and use of Stun Guns and Tasers for self defense are legal without major restrictions. However the misuse of any stun device during the commission of a crime or assault can result in criminal liabilty.

Alabama State Map

Ala. Code § 13A-1-2. Definitions.
. . .
(5) Dangerous Instrument. Any instrument, article, or substance which, under the circumstances in which it is used, attempted to be used, or
threatened to be used, is highly capable of causing death or serious physical injury.
. . .
(7) Deadly Weapon. A firearm or anything manifestly designed, made, or adapted for the purposes of inflicting death or serious physical injury.
The term includes, but is not limited to, a pistol, rifle, or shotgun; or a switch-blade knife, gravity knife, stiletto, sword, or dagger; or any billy,
black-jack, bludgeon, or metal knuckles.
. . .
(14) Serious Physical Injury. Physical injury which creates a substantial risk of death, or which causes serious and protracted disfigurement,
protracted impairment of health, or protracted loss or impairment of the function of any bodily organ.

Ala. Code § 18-114 Montgomery Section – Stun guns are not allowed to be possessed on school property including storage in a vehicle on school property.