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The Colman Company was recently acquired by the Aero Corporation located in the Chicago area, is one of the leading innovators of premium, air-filled products and camping gear. As the leader, Coleman continually strives to provide unique, quality, products and accessories that deliver superior levels of convenience, comfort, durability, and style. The produce a wide range of products designed for both the indoor and outdoor uses.

Meet the Rugged Essentials, core accessory assortment. They have higher grade materials, better ease of use, enhanced comfort so you’ll know it’s Coleman and you’ll know it’s quality.

Rugged Multi-Use Scissors


– Scissors
– Screwdriver
– Can Opener
– Wrench
– Fish Scaler
– Nut Cracker
– Jar Wrench
– Wire striper
– Wire Cutter
– Bottle Opener
– Knife

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